Welcome to Freelance Creative.

This site has now been repurposed as a portfolio & guide for development techniques which everyone is free to use.

About me

I've been a hobbyist in web development for around 7 years creating websites for family and always wanting to improve a digital prescence wherever I see opportunity to do so.

In getting older I've got more involved with the more technical aspects such as making more functional sites which are produced dynamically using the likes of jQuery and JavaScript and having a strong foundation with testing frameworks such as the likes of Jasmine.

This site's original purpose was to advertise my services as a freelance web developer however I have embarked on becoming a full-time developer and now I want to use this site as a means to recollect and to hopefully educate on what I have learnt.

I have experience across a breadth of development techniques such as search engine optimisation (SEO), search analytics, responsive design, and have strong foundations in languages such as Python, R and have experience using Java and Machine Learning techniques.

What will be covered on this website?

This site's aim will be to provide answers for questions which have stumped me in the past, and to provide tutorials for aspects of development which I believe to be important based on my experience or current trends.

Divided into, showcase & learn; showcase will give some examples of some projects which I've worked on in my spare time & learn will focus on providing the tutorials; and feel free to use any of my code as learning from example is a large part of becoming a good developer.